Waleed embarked on his professional journey in marketing over a quarter of a century ago, gaining a rich and deep experience across various industries and different companies. This has equipped him with a comprehensive understanding of market needs and challenges. He holds a bachelor’s degree in marketing and has further fortified his knowledge by obtaining advanced certifications in digital marketing, brand management, data analysis, and modern marketing strategies.

Having worked in prominent marketing positions within large global corporations, Waleed led and supervised the development of comprehensive marketing strategies. He possesses the ability to analyze markets, identify strategic opportunities, and exhibits unique skills in executing successful marketing campaigns that achieve predefined objectives.

Thanks to his extensive experience, Waleed Taha has a wide network of relationships within the marketing industry, enabling him to forge strategic partnerships that enhance the company’s position in the market. He is considered a leading figure in his field, innovating and developing new strategies that align with the latest developments in the marketing world.

In addition to his vast marketing knowledge, Waleed Taha excels in strong communication skills and the ability to work within multidisciplinary teams, aiding him in successfully and effectively achieving goals.

Experience: 24 years

Speaks: English, Arabic, Turkish

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